Cummings Elementary School

Keizer, Oregon 


Our official school website has moved to a new location. It is now under the Salem-Keizer Website.  
(note that there is no www.)
All current information can be found there.
(Posted 9/20/12)

Principal Lisa Sundseth

Welcome to Cummings Elementary where staff, parents, and students work together to create and maintain a safe environment that fosters a love of learning and honors the unique gifts of every child. 


Our students are given daily opportunities to stretch their imaginations and to reach beyond the boundaries of the classroom through reading, writing, and math.  The tireless dedication of Cummings’ teachers foster an “I can!” confidence and fuel the “I wonder?” in all students.


The Cummings School Community is not complete without a partnership between home and school. The parents of Cummings Elementary students join hands and circle our school each and every day.  They are present, visible, and provide a strength that all stakeholders feel and thrive in. 


Step into our web site and explore the many facets of our school.  We are happy to impart to you, the excitement and joy of learning.


Lisa Sundseth


Cummings Elementary School
613 Cummings Lane N, Keizer, Oregon, 97303 | (503) 399-3141
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